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The smooth first voyage of "Xin Dongguan 10"

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At 9:00 a.m. on October 15, 2011, our company's newly built bulk carrier "Xin Dongguan 10" successfully left the dock of Zhejiang Zhenghe Shipbuilding Co., LTD., and started its maiden voyage. It is expected to arrive at Qinhuangdao on October 17 and officially put into operation. The ship has a total length of 221.62 meters, a width of 32.26 meters and a depth of 18.00 meters. It has a speed of 13 knots and a total deadweight of 70,000 tons. It is the fifth ship in our new series of 70,000-ton bulk carriers.

So far, our company owns a total of 7 70,000-ton bulk carriers and achieves a capacity of 500,000 tons.

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